Covert Surveillance will obtain the evidence that you need

  • Do you suspect your partner of infidelity?
  • Have you been the victim of a personal theft?
  • Do you suspect an employee of theft or fraudulent sickness claims? 

If so, covert surveillance is the perfect way to obtain the hard, indisputable evidence you will need to progress your case and confirm or alleviate your suspicions.

Surveillance, in its broadest terms involves the systematic and ongoing collection, collation and analysis of information

Covert Surveillance is when surveillance of a person or persons, place or object takes place without the subject of the investigations’ knowledge

It relies upon creativity, ingenuity and immense observational skills to be effective

A place or building may be under surveillance to monitor activity in and around the area

BLM Investigations have the experience you need to make your covert surveillance operation an affordable and effective success.

Surveillance experts who work alongside BLM Investigations conduct themselves with the highest levels of professional standards with confidentiality and privacy being our number one priority.

Surveillance will be carefully planned to keep costs to a minimum whilst achieving maximum results.

Fully equipped covert vehicles are used for surveillance, although other methods are deployed when a vehicle is not practicable

Each task is assessed independently and specialist equipment utilised when necessary

Close consultation will keep you informed of progress and provide you with up to the minute status reports

Detailed reports and corroborative evidence will be provided upon the conclusion of the case and periodic reports upon request

During the course of an investigation the values of the Professional Organisations I am associated with are always upheld and all work is carried out within the Legal Boundaries.

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