Use of this website is subject to terms and conditions and all applicable laws.  All names and logos within this site are owned or used under license by BLM Investigations.

Using this site for unlawful purposes eg. threatening, libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic or any material that could constitute or encourage conduct that would be considered a criminal offence or violate any law is strictly prohibited.  BLM Investigations reserves the right to delete, add or modify the content of this site, including the content of this legal notice, at any time.

All work carried out by BLM investigations and their agents is carried out in the strictest of confidence.  If at any time during an investigation, facts come to light that have not been sought in the instructions and/or do not have any relevance to the inquiry, they will not be disclosed to the client unless they can provide evidence of the relevance of such facts.

1.  Instructions between BLM Investigations and their client form a legally binding agreement whether verbally or in writing.  Such an agreement obliges the client to pay any fees due as set out in the fees section of this website.

2.  Fees – Any deposits paid to BLM Investigations are non-refundable.  If payment is made in advance then it becomes unnecessary for the work to be completed, a refund will be issued which will be discounted in proportion to any work already carried out.  With the exception of advance payments, all invoices should be paid within 30 days of the date of the invoice.  Unpaid fees will be subject to County Court Proceedings and additional charges will be incurred.

3.  BLM Investigations do not charge a consultancy fee unless it is within an investigation.

4.  BLM Investigations only use affiliated agents/representatives to conduct work on their behalf.  Any agents/representatives thereof are members of investigative associations.  As such they have been fully vetted and have the necessary requirements in order to carry out their instructions.

5.  BLM Investigations will not interpret, judge or analyse any information gathered.  We will present the information required in an appropriate format which will comply with the Data Protection Act and be suitable for use in a Court of Law.  Any action taken as a result of our investigations must be done so independently using the appropriate bodies when necessary.

6.  BLM Investigations will not knowingly undertake illegal investigations.  We will not breach any acts eg. The Data Protection Act (GDPR) and Human Rights Act.  Clients found to be abusing our services for any illicit or unlawful purposes will have their agreements terminated and may face Legal Action.  BLM Investigations will assist any legally recognised authority.

7.  Information gathered by BLM Investigations and/or their agents will not be disclosed to a third party unless specifically requested by the client or a legal authority serving appropriate disclosure documents and valid reasons are given.

8.  30 days after the conclusion of an investigation, all documents, electronic or otherwise shall be destroyed in compliance with the terms set out in the Data Protection Act, unless there is a valid reason for retaining them for a longer period eg. pending court action.  Client documents shall be returned forthwith.

9.  Due to the nature of our work, BLM Investigations do not give specific completion dates.  We will however, give an indication of how long an investigation is likely to take and what the investigation may involve.

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