If you have a problem the evidence collected by BLM will be reflected in the solution

Why hire a Private Investigator?

Do you need to get at the truth to help you to make a decision? Is it proving difficult? Are you emotionally involved and can't see clearly enough?
Do you suspect that your husband, wife or partner is cheating on you? Are they out more often than they used to be?
Are you an employer subject to a sickness compensation claim and/or paying sick pay? Do you doubt the severity of the injuries?

You deserve to know the truth.  It’s your life, future and happiness at stake so let me help you to make informed decisions based upon indisputable facts.

Do you suspect someone who has access to your home and family of not operating in your best interests?
Do you think that you have unethical employees? Are they having excessive time away from work, misappropriating company assets or misusing company supplies?
Are you at your wits end? Have you racked your brains and came up with nothing? Do you feel hurt, frustrated, discouraged, angry or furious?

If you are experiencing any of the above please get in touch.  I will focus on your case and work hard to find you the answers you deserve.

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