How much does a Private Investigator cost?


As all investigations are unique, the fees payable will vary between each case.

Whilst some investigations require a lot more time and may necessitate the deployment of specialist equipment and/or services, others are straight forward in comparison.

You will not incur additional/specialist costs without prior consultation.

The following is a guidance framework only.  
For a more accurate estimate please contact us directly with an outline of your requirements.

General Fees

The Legal Profession

  • Initial Consultation:  Free

  • Further Consultations (per hour):  £30.00  

  • Process Serve (up to 4 vistis):  £75.00

  • Surveillance (per hour):  £35.00

  • Trace Enquiry/Missing Person:  £100.00

  • Initial Consultation

  • Further Consultations (per hour)

  • Process Serve (up to 4 vistis)

  • Surveillance (per hour)

  • Trace Enquiry/Missing Person






All fees will be charged in line with the Legal Aid Costs Framework.

Payment Methods

All payments are to be made by either Bank Transfer or Cash Deposit